Achievement for All

"Flixton girls are proud of their school and benefit from our deep commitment to traditional standards, courtesy and respect, leading to outstanding achievements and academic success."

We believe that the best academic results are achieved by girls who enjoy school life. We develop in our girls a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and a respect for self, others, the environment and property. Our Learner Services team aims to raise aspirations of the school community and empower individuals through:

  • Celebrating achievement
  • Clear standards for Learning
  • Effective leadership at all levels
  • Outstanding support
  • A positive climate for learning and enrichment

To enable everyone to achieve excellence in all they do.

The model for our "Achievement for All @FGS" programme is based on the concept of the five Olympic rings: all rings (or elements) need to be in place to be complete or successful. Each week is designated a colour corresponding to one of the five rings and provides a focus for our work that week.

BLUE WEEK: Celebrating achievement
YELLOW WEEK: Standards for Learning
BLACK WEEK: Leadership
GREEN WEEK: Support for Learning
RED WEEK: Climate for Learning

The Learner Services Team is here to support all parents, carers and students and co-ordinates a wide range of opportunities for parents to engage with us, for example through our annual information and academic progress events. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the team on 0161 912 2949 if you require any additional help or would like to make an appointment with someone to discuss your daughter's progress at FGS or welfare:

Beverley Heeney / Val Kirkham – Learner Services Assistants
Liz McEvey – Learner Services Administrator
Helen Larkin – Assistant Director of Learner Services
Dorothy Trussell – Director of Learner Services