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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this email finds you and your families well this evening. I am sure you have been all following the Downing Street Daily briefing and followed the Prime Ministers announcements regarding changes to the lockdown rules and especially regarding the wider opening of schools. It is the public briefings that provide us with the latest guidance so we only find out when you do too!

As such, we are not permitted to open more widely for year 10 and year 12 until the 15th June. We will send out our survey tomorrow to parents in y10 and y12 to check whether you would be happy for your daughter to attend a 30 minute review meeting with her form tutor, by strict appointment only, in the first instance. We will not be permitted to have more than a quarter of the year group on site at any time and my initial plan is for individual meetings so the girls will not actually be coming in and meeting up with friends I'm afraid.

In terms of years 7, 8 and 9 the girls will continue with their home learning for the rest of the summer term unless the Government allows us to open further. If you are a key worker and have so far not accessed a place and now wish to do so then you should contact the school on the admin(at) address and we will see if we are able to offer a place. Any parent sending their child into school is asked to comply with our COVID-19 arrangements which includes ensuring that she has not had contact with anyone showing symptoms of the virus. I have also followed local and national guidance in reviewing our behaviour policy in line with new requirements which can be accessed HERE..

Year 11 and Year 13 we will be making arrangements for your examination results in due course and we are thinking about what we can do to 'bring people together' to say farewell, even if it is only 'virtual for now. Watch this space...

During the half term break, school remained open to children of key workers and myself and other staff have been scaling up and modifying our provision in line with all the latest guidance. We are now providing for 5 groups of students of no more than 9 and we have arranged them in 'Learning Bubbles'. This means that they will be with the same students every day all day except where a student is attending part-time where they may only be in for part of the week. Each 'learning bubble' is taught by the same team of teachers each week and they have their own classroom, outdoor allocated space and toilet/hand-washing area. This provision is for up to 45 students and we are expecting at least 30 to attend by prior arrangement tomorrow. The timetable for this is using all available teachers for a day a week and they will continue to provide learning support and teaching for the rest of the week including the subject drop in sessions.

In addition to the above we are setting up review meetings for all our year 10 and 12 students should they wish to attend a session with their tutor starting on 15th June.

If your daughter is struggling with any aspect of home learning or having anxiety issues, or if you as parents are worried about anything regarding your daughter's welfare then you can email mgill(at) or dtedford(at) for technical support with online learning or studentwelfare(at)

Our form tutors will be writing reports for your daughter this term that we hope will reflect her whole contribution and achievements over the year. We will not be writing academic reports or issuing any data assessments at this time.

I am so very sorry that we cannot simply throw our doors open and welcome everyone back. We are working very hard to not only set up systems and classrooms etc., but also to re-educate everyone to do things differently to ensure that with any easing of the lock-down, we maintain all the safe hygiene measures and social distancing that each of us has worked so hard to learn: as staff we all find this challenging, speaking from a doorway instead of coming into an office, following the one way system instead of your usual route, washing hands on the way in and at regular intervals, wiping down workspaces, not sharing anything or passing anyone even a cup of coffee!...I am sure you are all having to do these things too. So as the easing of the lock-down provides us with the chance at last to see mum and dad, we are all determined to ensure we keep each other safe so that we can begin to enjoy living our lives in this New Normal way and not simply 'going back to normal' - learning to live with the virus as safely as we can - after all it hasn't gone away.

Stay safe, look after each other and get in touch if you need us, we are here.

Kind Regards

Julie Hazeldine



Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Staff

I am absolutely delighted to send you an amazing video that was conceived by Miss Schofield, words written and performed by Miss Tedford, contributions from staff and students and our families and all put together by Miss Schofield's amazing partner Colin! It has taken 3 weeks to create but lifetimes to build.

It pulls together everything we have been doing and believe in here at Flixton during this very challenging time. It will make you happy and make you cry both at the same time!

Thank you to all of you for being so special. 


Warm wishes

Julie Hazeldine



FRIDAY 3rd APRIL Examinations

Dear Parents Carers and Students,

The announcement from the Government regarding examinations has been made public this morning.

Please note that schools have been directed that they will NOT be permitted to share the submitted grades with students or parents. I know this will be a very difficult position to be in as a parent myself, however, we simply will not be permitted to share this information.

Please refer to the link below which shows guidance for teachers, students and parents:


We are setting up a dedicated email address for any queries directly linked to exams and assessment and this will be published once it is up and running.

I would just reiterate that you must not worry. Everyone will be trying to be understanding and supportive to ensure that students can access the right courses and routes next year.

Best Wishes

Julie Hazeldine



We will continue to provide email and website updates as frequently as possible but please bear with us as we continually develop our system of how to deal with queries. Whole school email updates will be uploaded to the website Letters Home page, click HERE to access.

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The DfE has released additional information regarding Coronavirus and potential examinations impact. Please use the following link to read this update:

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Many thanks for all your positive feedback and sensible, supportive approach at this difficult time and if you need any further advice or assistance regarding COVID19 related issues please do contact us on email: admin(at)