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Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

I have written to you frequently and with ease since the school closure back in March and now that it is time to write my farewell message, it seems so hard to choose the right words. As one Head Girl quoted recently from AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh;
"How lucky I am to have something that makes leaving so hard..." I am hoping the words will present themselves as I write...

I would not have decided to retire had I known that we would be hit be a global pandemic and that the school would be closed just 6 weeks after we appointed our new Headteacher. Pure and simple.

But it happened, and I know the school is in a great place and in excellent caring hands supported by an exceptional team of staff and a supportive and fiercely proud and determined parent body. I know that TOGETHER you will all continue to ensure that FGS, Flixton Girls School, continues to lead the way and provide the very best education for our daughters...those TALENTED, RESILIENT and COMPASSIONATE young people who embody everything we believe in.

I believe that things happen for a reason and from a young age I have always looked for the positive and a chance to learn from difficult situations: 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... 'My dad taught me, without question, that to do difficult things in life we may not like, is 'character building' and makes you stronger. I watched my mum work tirelessly as a teacher whilst giving her all to the family – an amazing female role model who taught me everything I know about never giving up on people.

Today was the last day of my teaching career and time as Headteacher with students in school and although I am officially still 'The Head' until 31st August, it has been hard to say goodbye to the girls today. We have cried together and laughed together, and for the students who have attended pretty much everyday since lockdown, we have all supported each other and become stronger for our experience.

The Year 13 6th Form students who have worked relentlessly with us over the last month in supporting our new systems are the complete embodiment of all we stand for as a school. To say goodbye to them today has been especially hard for all of us. The journey at Flixton has taken us both literally and metaphorically, up mountains, through storms, into sunshine; to other countries and cultures and into each other's hearts. They will never really leave and neither will I, once a Flixton girl, always a Flixton girl.

It is 47 years since my first day at Flixton...I loved coming to school and I still do! I have always been passionate that every young person deserves the best education and should be given every opportunity to find their talent, to achieve their personal best and to make a difference for the better in this world.

Family is everything right now. Flixton is a unique and special family that I have been honoured to lead and blessed to belong to, now and always. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey and made it so memorable.

With love and best wishes for the future,

Julie Hazeldine





Miss Tedford has put together a brief video to show the set up and we have put it on YouTube HERE


Dear Parents, Carers and students,

In order to fully prepare for September there is a great deal to plan for everyone involved.

Reopening Schools Government Information for Parents

Due to the changes to timetable structures, and the fact that the curriculum has been so disrupted, the teachers need to basically re-plan their scheme of work which is a huge task. There are many other things that need preparing so we are following Government advice and putting in some additional planning days.  Thursday and Friday 16th and 17th July will therefore be designated as INSET days for teachers which means they will not be engaging with students on google classroom and we will not be having students on site for those 2 days.

Later next week we will send out full proposals for our September plans.

The last day for attendance into the Bubbles therefore is Wednesday 15th July.  I do apologise for this late notice but I am sure you will appreciate the enormity of the task we have been given with guidance that has only just been published.

The staff however, have planned a great activities week for next week with lots of resources for the girls and we really hope they will engage with that.  I am also looking froward to our very special prize-giving in recognition of the achievements of all.

Kind regards

Julie Hazeldine



Dear Parents, Carers and students,

Summary of FGS Return to School Plans

Dear All

Following the Government's announcement yesterday regarding welcoming all pupils back to school in September and the publication of guidance, I wanted to share where we are up to in terms of our planning here at FGS.

We are currently providing the maximum teaching we are allowed and so we have extremely well-established routines and health and hygiene procedures – all staff and students accessing any provision on-site are all fully aware and compliant with our procedures and the atmosphere in school is very calm and purposeful.

Every single member of staff has been re-integrated back to work and we have completed all of our risk assessments including for those deemed to be more vulnerable. Feedback from staff is that they feel well-supported and safe. Feedback from students is also that they feel supported and safe.

Our online curriculum has been developed throughout the last 4 months and students have been supported every step of the way including physical resources and IT equipment for students. We have built confidence with staff through bringing them in to sort out their classrooms in early May and to gather all student exercise books and folders; including them in teaching in the bubbles on site and lately involving nearly all teachers in delivering lessons on site to years 10 and 12.

All year groups and every student in the school has been given the chance for at least one face to face review meeting. This has been taken up by approximately 70% of the students and conducted by form tutors which covers nearly all teachers.

All teachers are also supervising online learning and as a school we are monitoring engagement and intervening where students are not engaging effectively.

Our plan moving forwards is that the curriculum will continue to be developed online and we will continue to upskill staff and improve our online learning. This will provide us with greater resilience for potential local school or year group closures to enable learning to continue.

The plans we have made for timetabling and rooming, movement of pupils and staff mean that our provision may grow and shrink as required or dictated by circumstances. Most of this is now in place and we are simply refining in the light of the confirmed requirements published yesterday. I am very confident in the plans and the ability of the leadership team and the staff to deliver the safest possible environment for our students and community here at FGS.

Please see the overview response to the guidance below. Greater detail regarding arrangements is being made available for staff to ensure we have covered all bases. If you have worries, queries or questions, please continue to direct them to admin(at) or studentwelfare(at)

Many thanks for your continued and valued support

Kind regards
Julie Hazeldine



1 Schools must comply with health and safety law, which requires them to assess risks and put in place proportionate control measures. Schools should thoroughly review their health and safety risk assessments and draw up plans for the autumn term that address the risks identified using the system of controls set out below. These are an adapted form of the system of protective measures that will be familiar from the summer term.

    • FGS RESPONSE: Risk assessments already in place and passed by Governors, Trustees and Trafford LA
    • to be reviewed in light of new guidance although much remains the same,
    • this is and will be regularly reviewed.

Essential measures include:
2 a requirement that people who are ill stay at home (students and staff):

    • FGS - Clear systems in place

3 robust hand and respiratory hygiene:

    • FGS -Clear systems for staff and students to wash hands thoroughly before entering the main building

4 enhanced cleaning arrangements:

    • FGS Currently in place and being reviewing to ensure day time cleaning –
    • cleaning time check lists up outside rooms

5 active engagement with NHS Test and Trace:

    • FGS Already in place for staff and students

6 formal consideration of:
• how to reduce contacts:

    • FGS - Y7 and 8 will have all lessons with form group only
    • Y9 10 11 will be grouped in teaching set by ability except option subjects
    • School day split into 3 main teaching blocks to reduce teacher changeover
    • One week timetable so each week is the same pattern
    • Staff room and communal staff spaces out of use
    • Break and lunchtimes for students spent within year groups
    • Lesson changeover where movement of students will use supervised walking bus system already in operation

7 • maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible

    • Year groups have own outdoor space
    • Rota to collect/have lunch by year group – cleaning in between
    • Break and lunches staggered within the day
    • Staff use of spaces strictly controlled

8 • minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable

    • Year groups remain in suite of rooms
    • Strict procedures on use of equipment – all activities risk assessed and planned
    • Strict procedures for staff at all times regarding wipe down of teacher spaces or office spaces
    • All areas have serviced sanitizing station
    • Windows and doors open for maximum ventilation
    • Controlled or no sharing of resources

How contacts are reduced will depend on the school's circumstances and will (as much as possible) include:
9 • grouping children together

    • Students to be taught in form groups in year 7 and 8
    • and in teaching ability groups for y9,10,11
    • Majority of lessons to take place in the class base
    • Teachers come to the class - teach behind clear screen

10 • avoiding contact between groups

    • Designated classrooms, teaching spaces, recreational spaces
    • Staggered arrival and departure times
    • Designated entrances/exits
    • No House assemblies in the hall (virtual or on screen in classrooms)
    • Sixth Form blended learning on site and virtual – majority in 6th form centre rooms on site

11 • arranging classrooms with forward facing desks

    • Classroom layout will be as directed –
    • teacher works from the teacher station behind clear protective screen to protect staff and students

12 • staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible

    • Staff social areas out of use

Designated spaces for non-contact and PPA time
Strict rules around site regarding 2 metre distancing and one way system remains in place – all very clearly signed


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Staff

I am absolutely delighted to send you an amazing video that was conceived by Miss Schofield, words written and performed by Miss Tedford, contributions from staff and students and our families and all put together by Miss Schofield's amazing partner Colin! It has taken 3 weeks to create but lifetimes to build.

It pulls together everything we have been doing and believe in here at Flixton during this very challenging time. It will make you happy and make you cry both at the same time!

Thank you to all of you for being so special. 


Warm wishes

Julie Hazeldine


FRIDAY 3rd APRIL Examinations

Dear Parents Carers and Students,

The announcement from the Government regarding examinations has been made public this morning.

Please note that schools have been directed that they will NOT be permitted to share the submitted grades with students or parents. I know this will be a very difficult position to be in as a parent myself, however, we simply will not be permitted to share this information.

Please refer to the link below which shows guidance for teachers, students and parents:


We are setting up a dedicated email address for any queries directly linked to exams and assessment and this will be published once it is up and running.

I would just reiterate that you must not worry. Everyone will be trying to be understanding and supportive to ensure that students can access the right courses and routes next year.

Best Wishes

Julie Hazeldine



We will continue to provide email and website updates as frequently as possible but please bear with us as we continually develop our system of how to deal with queries. Whole school email updates will be uploaded to the website Letters Home page, click HERE to access.

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Many thanks for all your positive feedback and sensible, supportive approach at this difficult time and if you need any further advice or assistance regarding COVID19 related issues please do contact us on email: admin(at)