Amy Barton (nee Pilgrim)

Amy Barton (nee Pilgrim) runs a successful photography business and thanks Mrs Wilson, her art teacher at the "awesome and life-changing" FGS, for helping her get to where she is today.

Amy's is a wedding photographer - her company, Amy B Photography, was established in 2010, when she decided to leave her role as an in-house photographer at JD Sports and set up on her own.

After leaving FGS in the summer of 2002, Amy studied Art and Design at Trafford and Eccles Colleges. She secured a place on Manchester Metropolitan University's Foundation course in Art and Design, receiving a distinction for her efforts and going on to complete a BA in photography.

On choosing photography as a career, Amy says: "I had always enjoyed art as a subject and it was my favourite lesson at FGS. Mrs Wilson was an amazing teacher and I honestly believe that she set the foundations for where I am today."

"I'm so happy I took the plunge in setting up Amy B Photography," she continues. "It might not have been the easiest road to follow at times, but for me it was always about remaining positive and staying motivated.

Amy now lives in Greenwich with her husband and loves living in London. Her photographs have featured in several leading wedding magazines and blogs and she hopes to continue to grow her successful business. Her family still live in the Manchester area - her sister and mother both attended FGS as well - and she visits when she can.

When asked what advice she would give to others looking to follow the same career path, Amy thinks it is important to stay true to yourself. "Seek advice and guidance from others," she says, "but the hunger and ambition must come from you. If you find a strong subject you like and have a flare for it, then go for it.

"Go above and beyond - even outside of school - and if you love your chosen subject, then pushing boundaries will never be a hardship."