Jean Mercer (nee Bradley)

Jean Mercer has FGS to thanks for giving her entry to a successful career as well as providing her with range of skills to prepare her for the varied roles that she enjoyed until she retired.

"The secretarial skills taught to me by the fabulous Mr Hyde meant that I left school in 1962 with excellent shorthand and typing skills, giving me access into a wonderful industry," says Jean. "I joined a stockbrokers straight away as a shorthand typist and was ultimately promoted as secretary to senior partner, which was fantastic."

Jean took a career break to start a family and in 1977 became licensee of a large public house, managing 36 staff and overseeing huge functions. In 1986 she became stock control manager of a large leisure company and then joined an estate agents in 1997 before retiring in 2006.

Jean is now enjoying her retirement - eating out, travelling, enjoying the theatre and socialising with friends.

"Things are very different now from 50 years ago," says Jean. "But if I could give any advice to current FGS pupils it would be to learn as much as they possible can. FGS gave me a great education but also taught me life skills to provide grounding for my future in the workplace."