Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore liked her time at FGS so much, she is pursuing a career in education. She left the school in 2009 to attend Pendleton College, where she received an unconditional offer to study Primary Education at Durham University, and is now a full time student in the North East, working towards her final exams.

"I really enjoyed school, and it was this that made me first start to think about pursuing a career in teaching," she says. "I'm looking forward to starting work and hope to teach English to students in poor and deprived countries upon graduation."

This ambition was realised when Samantha was accepted to take part in a charitable exhibition to Borneo while still studying for her degree - and she credits the caring, supportive and helpful environment at FGS with giving her the skills she needs to teach both in the UK and abroad.

"I'm just starting out in my career but already have much to thank FGS for," says Samantha. Citing Mr Wexler as her favourite teacher, Samantha's advice to current students is simply to work hard.
"Work as hard as you possibly can," she advises. "As that will open up more possibilities for you to the follow the career of your choice."