Key Stage 3

FGS is an innovative and forward thinking school. We have embraced the Government proposals made in 2014 to move to an assessment system at Key Stage 3 which does not involve levels to assess a pupil. This provided the opportunity to review our current curriculum and we launched a revised Key Stage 3 Curriculum in September 2018.

Our vision at FGS is for pupils to study topics and subjects in a far greater depth allowing them to develop a 'secure knowledge and understanding' of the central concepts and ideas within a curriculum subject.

At FGS we know that the purpose of marking and assessment should be very simple - to let students know what they know, find out what they don't know and support them, through great feedback, to fill the learning gap.

Our new curriculum involves preparing pupils and equipping them with the skills needed for demanding GCSE course requirements. The result is our 'Curriculum for Excellence'.

Literacy and numeracy for life
Literacy and numeracy are among the most important life skills that a school can teach. No student should leave school without having mastered these skills to the best of their abilities. Literacy and numeracy skills are crucial to a student's ability to develop fully as an individual and to support their future career aspirations. Ensuring all our students acquire these skills is one of the greatest contributions we can make to their education and future lives.

The development of Literacy plays a fundamental role in the delivery of and progression through the Curriculum for Excellence. The whole-school drive on raising levels of literacy underpins all curriculum based work through:

• quality first teaching
• regular and effective marking and feedback with a literacy focus
• the use of key words, terms, commands and technical vocabulary.

We know that a student's reading age impacts upon their ability to fully access examination material at GCSE Level. Therefore we have taken the strategic decision to further invest in the 'Accelerated Reader (AR)' programme. All pupils in Key Stage 3 access the AR reading programme to support raising attainment in reading. This forms part of their English timetable each fortnight.

Numeracy is also embedded throughout the Curriculum for Excellence, supporting the development of essential analytic, problem solving and decision making skills across the curriculum.

The key skill areas are:
• Use number lines, decimals and negative numbers
• Add, subtract, multiply and divide
• Percent and fractions
• Measuring
• Shapes
• Graphs

The Curriculum for Excellence ensures all our students will leave FGS able to access and understand complex text and prose, communicate orally, in writing and in digital media in a clear and appropriate manner, and able to understand and use mathematics and numeracy in their everyday lives and in further learning.
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