To support our vision to ensure that all our girls achieve their very best in public examinations at KS4 and beyond, we are committed to ensuring that all our girls are as well prepared as they can be for assessments.

Public examinations, whether for GCSE, A Level or BTEC qualifications, can be very stressful, and we know that practice, rather than avoidance, is the key to success. Therefore, we take preparation for internal examinations very seriously and dedicate much time during "Support for Learning" weeks delivering both assemblies and form time activities to support girls with revision tips and organisation. We also ensure that girls are 100% certain about what they need to learn, how they will be assessed and what is expected of them regarding conduct and regulations, so that everyone feels as confident as possible.

We are fortunate that we are able to organise many internal examinations in the Hall so that, by the time our girls sit external papers, they are used to this environment and can concentrate on demonstrating what they know rather than thinking about the logistics of where they are! 

If you have any specific queries regarding examinations at FGS, please contact our Examinations Officer in the first instance on flixtongirls(at)vantageacademies.co.uk

When examinations are due to take place a current timetable of all examinations will be shown below.

GCSE Examinations May 2023

GCSE Examinations June 2023

A Level Examinations May/June 2023