Exam Boards

Please find the list of exam boards we currently cover for all GCSE subjects - via the below link:

GCSE Course Information 2022-2023

We have provided you with this information so that students, parents and carers can access the following:

1. Exam specifications by searching them online
2. Past papers for the correct specification being covered
3. Ensuring you buy the correct revision guides if purchasing them online

Finally, we have shared the exam boards for each subject so that students select the correct GCSE exam folders when accessing SAM Learning tasks. The award-winning SAM Learning is the only online study service independently proven to raise attainment, which we buy into as school for all students Year 7-11.

Students can use the site to revise and test themselves using practice exam papers and test questions across more than 20 subjects, in a variety of different formats that are fun, engaging and challenging. For more information on how to log on to this platform please refer to page 30 in the student planner.