Passport To Scholarship

The Passport to Scholarship is an award given to students who can evidence significant activities within each of the 5 pathways to health and wellbeing.

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The aim of the Passport to Scholarship is to develop our students into more effective learners and citizens, preparing them well for their future and the transition to adulthood. Each student will have a Passport to Scholarship Journal that they will use each year as an interactive tool during their educational journey.

At Flixton Girls School we provide a rich and diverse curriculum which includes a very wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Students that take part in these activities will achieve a section of their Passport. It is also strongly encouraged that students complete activities independently, away from the school environment. For students who achieve their full award, they will automatically become Scholarship Ambassadors. They will be expected to be a role model to others and provide leadership across the 5 pathways

To complete one of the 5 pathways, students will need to complete 6 activities. So, to complete the entire Passport to Scholarship, they will need to complete 30 activities, 6 from each pathway. Students will be awarded with a certificate for each pathway. When all 5 pathways have been completed students will become Scholarship Ambassadors and receive a badge.

The types of activities students can complete for each pathway are included in the students Passport to Scholarship journal. These have been carefully selected through research and what our fundamental beliefs are for promoting wellbeing and improving outcomes for students.

Please also see below examples of the types of activities your daughter could complete. However this list of examples is not exhaustive and students can complete activities as long as they fit into one of the pathways and is seen as a meaningful activity.

Passport to Scholarship Evidence