Talented, Able & Gifted

Our aim is to provide students with rich learning experiences through stretch and challenge at FGS. This will be achieved through excellent teaching and learning, enrichment experiences and a well-rounded curriculum that fosters achievement. Interest and motivation are key components in supporting students to achieve their full potential.

We use the terminology 'TAG' which stands for Talented, Able and Gifted'. We believe that ALL students at FGS can reach their potential and excel in their achievements through an ambitious curriculum and excellent teaching and learning experiences. Whist data will be used to track the progress of students who achieve highly at KS2 and are considered 'upper high' students, stretch and challenge is not exclusive to these students. The term 'talent' may be used within practical subjects such as physical education, music and art to denote a student that demonstrates a practical flare or skill in this area.

Our Talented, Able and Gifted (TAG) Leader is Mr Andy Wexler (Head of Data & Assessment). Parents and carers are welcome to speak to Mr Wexler about how we identify and provide for pupils on the TAG register at Flixton.

Parents are also of course very welcome to speak to their child's class teacher and any senior members of staff about their child's abilities and progress.


Students at Flixton can be identified as talented, able and gifted at any stage of their time with us. We know children often develop at different rates and that intelligence certainly is not fixed. It is expected that approximately 10% of pupils at our whole talented, able and gifted register at any one time but each faculty with also have their own registers for students displaying a gift or talent in a particular subject area. We believe it is important to identify those who are performing at a high level in practical areas within and outside of school so that we can support them with their achievements both pastorally and academically.

We aim to support our 'TAG' Students through a broad and creative curriculum, excellent teaching and learning, a wide enrichment offer and pastoral support to support individual needs.


All pupils including talented, able and gifted pupils receive excellent teaching and a range of opportunities to extend and challenge them as part of the Flixton experience. Planning a range of engaging learning opportunities that includes a differentiated curriculum is an important way of ensuring that an appropriate pace and level. Challenge is an important feature of teaching and learning at Flixton for all students. Enrichment and extension are an important part of the Flixton experience. We have over 50 clubs running each week to enable the development of a range of skills including sports, the arts, practical and academic skills. We also host an annual 'Evening of Excellence' where students get to showcase exceptional talent through live music, dance and drama performances and inspirational speeches whereby students share exciting concepts and ideas.

Parents can support in the following ways:

  • Parents and carers are welcome to speak to Miss O'Halloran about how we identify and provide for TAG students at Flixton.
  • Notice changes in their development and discuss these with your child's teacher.
  • Support children with their school work or extra-curricular learning
  • Guide their learning - perhaps by ensuring they learn about a wide range of subjects and read a range of books
  • Feed their enthusiasm - arranging visits to places of interest to help them develop their love of a particular subject (art, music, animals, science)
  • Above all, encourage their love of learning as this is perhaps the most important lesson you can teach them.
  • Talented, able and gifted pupils can often expect perfection of themselves and can find it difficult to cope when they get something wrong. Encourage your child to stay positive when they make a mistake and learn from it rather than see it as failure.
  • Access our 'Active Mind's information HERE.

The following organisations can support parents of pupils who are Talented, Able and Gifted: