Behaviour Expectations

A high standard of behaviour is expected of all students who are asked to be "ready, respectful and safe" at all times. We ask them to take responsibility for their own actions and to show courtesy and respect to staff, visitors and to one another. We have a strong focus on promoting friendship, as well as supporting students to get involved in enrichment activities and the wider school / community life to forge positive relationships with others.

We operate a positive behaviour for learning strategy based on choices, chances, and consequences and everyone is supported to make the right choices to minimise disruption to learning. Students are always given the chance to correct their behaviour but will be given consequences if the wrong choice is made.

Where a student chooses not to behave in an acceptable way, either in lessons or around school and where she has not heeded a reminder to make the right CHOICE, she will be issued with a first CHANCE to behave appropriately. This is an opportunity for her to change the way that she is behaving in order to engage fully in the lesson and the learning going on or promote a calm environment around school. If she chooses to ignore this warning and does not modify her attitude/behaviour  the staff member may decide to exit the student from the classroom so that she has the opportunity to make a fresh start in another classroom and avoid a CONSEQUENCE. She may be asked to engage in a RESTORATIVE conversation with the member(s) of staff and/or student(s) involved in order to facilitate a fresh start for all stakeholders in the next lesson.

Where a student is involved in more extreme behaviour that has a more immediate effect on her learning or the learning of others then a sanction may be issued without warnings being given. Examples of this type of behaviour would include bullying behaviour, throwing objects, swearing at members of the community, behaving dangerously, damaging property and disrupting examinations.

Students may be issued with an imposition, such as break or lunchtime internal exclusion or a restorative practice meeting. Sometimes it is appropriate to remove a student from a particular subject for a period of time, in which case a contract will be drawn up in consultation with the student before she is returned to the class.

  • If an after school detention is given, parents / carers will be informed of the exact date when it will take place
  • Detentions run from Tuesday to Thursday each week, beginning at 3pm and finishing at 4pm. In exceptional circumstances, a Headteacher detention may be given, which are organised as and when required.
  • If a student is absent on the day of detention she will attend detention at the next possible opportunity after her return to school.
  • If a student arrives late to a detention or displays negative or inappropriate behaviour she may be sent away to complete an alternative sanction at a different time and home contacted.

FGS operates a strict No Smoking Policy – smoking on school site will result in a serious consequence or even suspension.

If you are concerned about your daughter's behaviour and would like to discuss this with one of the team, please contact her Form Tutor in the first instance, who will be able to support you with appropriate interventions to help her to make the right choices at school on a daily basis.