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The role of parents in their child's career choices - Careers

Ensuring your daughters set up for a successful career, future financial security and a good quality of life is a pressing challenge for every parent. As parents, your daughter will look to you for advice and guidance even if they don't like to admit it!

Parents have a key role to play in the decision-making and the general career path your daughter chooses to pursue; but how involved should you be in this decision-making process? Should you adopt a hands-on role? What is the best advice you can give your daughter at this point?

Many of us make the mistake of trying to shield our children from the mistakes that we made - whether knowingly or unknowingly. While we can guide them away from some of the pitfalls we encountered, they'll inevitably make mistakes and hiccups along the career pathway – but these mistake are vital for their personal growth. And your daughter will learn from her mistakes.

The best thing you can instill is a mature and sensible mind-set, giving your daughter the tools to make their own informed decisions.

How you can influence your daughter:

  • Having a strong, mature parent- daughter relationship
  • Set a good example (socially, personally and professionally) for your daughter
  • The attitudes, views and values you adopt and express
  • The expectations you set for your daughter education, career and life
  • The opportunities you provide for your daughter to learn and develop.

In terms of career choice, you should:

  • Aid, but not dictate, the decision-making process
  • Support your daughter's decisions
  • Give your daughter freedom and time to discover their skills
  • Provide motivation to develop and achieve
  • Provide encouragement to pursue interests and ambitions
  • Try to instill a responsible attitude and mature outlook
  • Instill an attitude of self-belief by being positive and never critical – as a parent your words will have the biggest effect on your child.

What should you bear in mind when helping your daughter with education choices?

The decisions we make in our early life (e.g. what school we go to, the subjects we chose to study, the decision to go to university/college, the courses we choose) can impact our career pathway. If this decision is heavily swayed by parental preference, the student may end up following a vocation that, deep down, they aren't interested in. At the same time, without practical guidance and support when pursuing interests, poor choices can be made.

Everyone has a unique set of skills and aptitudes. Each student is individual in their own way, and so may possess different skills and abilities to their parents. With this in mind, adopting a similar career role to either parent may not be the right course of action.

We all take time to 'find our feet'. Parents will often say things such as "pick a course you think you'll like" or "why don't you apply for this job". Though it may seem they're doing the right thing in terms of steering their daughter in the right direction, parents also need to understand that we all need space and time to discover what we truly want to pursue. University, for example, isn't for everyone – and engaging in relevant work experience and/or undertaking an apprenticeship can be just as valuable in finding a suitable vocation in which you can thrive.

Tracking and monitoring: Flixton Girls School uses the Compass+ platform as a Careers Leaders planning tool, provided by the Careers and Enterprise Company (who are nationally funded by the Department for Education). It is on this platform that we evaluate, record, track and monitor our full programme of careers events. This allows us to reach many of the elements of Gatsby Benchmark 3 'Addressing the needs of each student.' Parents / Carers / Students who wish to see their record of attendance at careers events can request to see a copy via email to our careers team on Flixton-student-admin(at) Please note that tracking on Compass+ began in September /2022.

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The complete destinations platform.

Unifrog brings all the available careers information into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices, and submit the strongest applications.

Unifrog includes:

A personality profile where student learn more about themselves and explore the careers commonly associated with their closest personality types.

Careers library for students to find the best careers and compile a favourites list.

Interests profile for students to learn more about themselves and explore the careers commonly associated with their interests.

Subject library where students find the best subjects for them.

Know-how library a useful guide for students to find out what they need to know.

Greater Manchester Higher

Recognise that your role is crucial in supporting your child to access Higher Education. We want to help, from providing events to impartial and informed information, advice and Guidance. We've compiled FAQs, case studies and resources about higher education.

Greater Manchester Higher also provide informative video's which provides information about the processes and pathways.

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T Levels are new courses which follow GCSEs and are equivalent to 3 A levels. These 2-year courses, which launched September 2020, have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work, further training or study. Review the latest government guidelines on T Levels,

An apprenticeship is a job that includes high quality training, the practice of new skills and achievement of a nationally recognised qualification, this can lead to a higher level apprenticeship. Access parental guidance information:

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A higher level apprenticeship is a nationally accredited work-based programme similar to traditional apprenticeships but at a higher level (Level 4 or 5).

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