Work Experience

Year 10 work experience week end of June to early July
Year 12 work experience week early July

Work Experience is an opportunity for young people to gain an insight into the 'World of Work' and to help prepare them for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life. Students carry out a range of tasks and duties as if they were regular employees, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience. Year 10 students from Flixton Girls' School  going out on Work Experience in late June for one week. We will strive to ensure that all students have good placements where Health and Safety is good. Many students prefer to arrange their own work placement but, where this is not possible, we will allocate a placement from our own database of contacts in the Trafford and Manchester area. Due to the checks that have to be made and the amount of paperwork involved in the process, we have strict deadlines. It is, therefore, very important that you return all documentation by the dates specified.

Take your daughter to work day.

During the school holidays is your daughter bored at home? complains that there is nothing to do, then why not 'Take Your Daughter To Work Day' it's a day to honour the future female workers who will change our world and propel our community forward through their innovation, inspiration, and bold moves in whatever field they choose. These young girls are the future of our country and our world, and it's important to note that many of them are still in primary school. Regardless of their age, their background and their passions, this day is an important opportunity to lead by example and engage our children in an ongoing conversation about what it means to work hard, to set goals, to empower others, to serve — and above all it's an opportunity to teach our daughters that they can be anything they want to be.

Take Your Child to Work Day