Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a useful tool to help students to research future careers/job in the local area, understand the skills needed for certain roles and the demand for future employment.

The labour market information for lifelong guidance is defined as information about the following items:

  • Labour market profile and trends including employment, unemployment and earnings outlooks by sector, occupation. Data should be available at a national, regional and local dimension where statistically reliable information and non-disclosive data are available. Basic principles of labour market regulation, laws and labour market policies.
  • Trends in skills, including skills needs and mismatches, skills gaps, together with current and future skill demands. The regional and local dimension should be included if statistically reliable and non-disclosive information is available.
  • Information on occupations including information on skills requirements, educational background, interests, working conditions, skills shortages, pay and earnings.
  • Entry and progressions routes into and through occupations including job vacancies
  • Entry and progression routes in education and training in order to gain skills for an occupation, or bridge a skills gap for a desired occupation.
  • Career planning information on where to find information and assistance
  • Equal opportunities and diversity issues (support measures), and changing workforce profile

Why is the LMI so important to our students?
LMI is pivotal to effective careers practice because high quality, impartial, current, expert knowledge about the labour market distinguishes careers support from other types of helping. It can also help when thinking about what the future might hold, so can support career decision making. In summary, LMI provides the knowledge and understanding of how the labour market functions and is crucial for making sense of changing economic circumstances. It can also help when thinking about what the future might hold, so can support career decision making.

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National Careers Service - Labour Market Information

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