Careers Information

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) by definition is a means designed to prepare students for life in modern Britain by providing the knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills that they need to make informed choices and plans for their future learning and career.


The Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is a means of providing all our young people with personalised support on learning and work pathways such as GCSE/A Levels, Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Employment with training especially with Year 9 options and Post 16 destinations. Through careers information and guidance our students will receive support on other key issues that impact on their ability to develop and progress for instance personal health and wellbeing. The school are working towards fully achieving the Gatsby principals by 2020

Your role as partners in our school CEIAG programme

Teachers and School Staff – To provide learners with opportunities to discover and learn about careers and employability, engage with the wider business community and with employers inside and outside of the classroom. To link schemes of learning with the world of work, to discuss experiences, skills development and progression with students and help signpost them to the careers guidance team.

Students – To engage with CEIAG events and learning opportunities, ask questions, research and discover all they can about future opportunities. To attend one to one interviews with the Connexions adviser in key stage 4. To make use of the drop in opportunities at break and lunch times. Each student will have the opportunity to meet with the Connexions Career Adviser (A young person's service providing advice, information, guidance, support and personal development for all 13-19 year olds in Trafford) at key decision points.

Parents/Carers – To be aware of the CEIAG calendar and engage in the events and discussions about careers, progression and opportunities. To use the CEIAG resources listed on the website to support their young person in making key decisions. To contact the CEIAG team with any questions or concerns.

Employers and the wider community – We are keen to engage with employers and the wider community to support our delivery of CEIAG. If you could support the school either by helping with a CEIAG event at the school such as our Careers Aspirational Futures Day Event, by offering a visit at your place of work or by offering work experience.

Any inquiries can be sent by contacting Careers Co-ordinator Mrs Irene Bates at ibates(at)

Our principles for good quality, impartial CEIAG:

• All students are empowered to plan and manage their own futures.
• CEIAG responds to the needs of each learner.
• Students receive comprehensive information and advice.
• All students are given opportunities to raise their aspirations.
• CEIAG actively promotes equality of opportunity and challenges stereotypes.
• All students are helped to progress.



Flixton Girls School Careers Staff

Mrs Irene Bates - Careers and Work Experience Coordinator

Helena Hamlet - Connexions Adviser


Paul Eager
Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Logistics

Alexa Collier – Enterprise and Careers Campion

Claire Holt – Head of Curriculum Enrichment