Equipment & Personal Belongings

Students must bring their planner to school every day and be fully prepared for lessons. The planner is the property of school and students are expected to look after it and keep it up-to-date. Apart from school uniform and a planner, the following items of equipment are considered to be essential:

  • A sensible school bag for exercise books, text books and A4 size folders
  • Pencil case: pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler, compass, protractor and a set of coloured pencils
  • A calculator (correct type available from the Mathematics department).

The school cannot accept responsibility for such items including mobile phones and personal music players and the use of these on the school site is not permitted. Expensive personal belongings should NEVER be brought to school. Electronic devices either being used on school premises or misused off premises will be confiscated by staff and, where subject to an investigation, may be stored in the safe for a prolonged period or handed directly to the police.

Other items such as perfumes, makeup, nail varnish, tippex, permanent markers, jewellery, hoodies, and leisure wear are banned items and must not be brought into school. All items such as these will be confiscated by staff and may only be collected at the end of the half term. Where students are repeatedly having items confiscated, parents will be asked to collect the items from school.

We operate a zero tolerance approach to fizzy or sugary drinks, such as "Lucozade", "Oasis" or "Coca Cola", and also to dangerous items such as aerosols and smoking paraphernalia; any such items will be disposed of by staff members.

If you have any concerns regarding your daughter's planner use or require clarification regarding any equipment / personal belongings queries, please contact her Form Tutor in the first instance.