Praise & Rewards

Throughout the year, we constantly strive to find opportunities to celebrate successes and share those publicly in assemblies and also through our newsletter and social media accounts. Each form has a "Padlet Wall" on which they collectively record achievements as individuals or as a group as the year progresses and students trade their house points for items in our popular "Swap Shop". Regular rewards events take place throughout the year, such as pizza parties for form groups achieving the highest attendance, cinema afternoons for our best role models and an annual theme park trip for those committing to the most extra- curricular activities throughout the year. The end of the year culminates in our prestigious "Prizegiving Assemblies" during which every individual is recognised for her achievements throughout the year. Please check the dates for these on the school calendar and block out the morning in your diary – parents & carers automatically receive an invitation and all family members are welcome!

My Personal Best – Whole School Praise & Rewards Structure.

What is My Personal Best?

My Personal Best is the whole school reward structure. We use this structure to recognise positive attitudes and behaviours in school to offer a range of praise and rewards for all students in the shape of house points and trips/experiences. Different experiences are on offer on a termly basis, with slightly smaller rewards offered throughout the year, further details of which will be shared via the school website news feed and updated each term.

Why do we have a rewards structure?

We have the reward structure in place to encourage positive attitudes and behaviours in school. It is widely acknowledged that reward systems can positively influence an individual's behaviour, attendance and/or punctuality record, which in turn has a positive effect on their overall academic performance. We firmly believe that as a school, we should be offering regular attractive incentives to reward the achievements of all who meet the aspirational selection criteria. We hope all students will aspire to meet the criteria each term, thus maximising their learning opportunities in school and achieving a positive experience or reward for their efforts.

What are the selection criteria for each reward?

All students are expected to be in school and on time every day, while respecting the school behaviour policies through positive attitudes and behaviours. Therefore, the selection criteria for the reward opportunities will be:

  • 100% attendance for that half-term/term

  • No late marks for that half-term/term

  • No negative behaviour points for that half-term/term

On occasion we may also select students who have not quite reached the criteria, but who we feel would benefit from experiencing the reward offered. Please do contact your daughter's form tutor or Head of House if you believe mitigating circumstances should be considered when we are selecting students for these rewards (please refer to My Personal Best in a Nutshell for further details).

Additionally, alternative reward opportunities may arise at which point a decision will be made by the school as to an appropriate selection criteria. Details of such instances will be shared with parents via the school website news feed.

What is on offer?

Details of all trips/experiences will be shared via the school website news feed each term.

The Swap Shop is available for all pupils to trade in their house points for a huge range of items (including academic, health & beauty, leisure items) every Week A for each House on assembly day.

Rob Coultas will meet with the Student Council each term to use student voice networks to inform future rewards opportunities. Student voice via Survey Monkey is used to review all rewards experiences and inform future planning and considerations.

My Personal Best Rules in a nutshell.

Students with ongoing health or medical issues, which the school are aware of, may require a number of hospital or doctor visits throughout term time. Other students may suffer a bereavement which requires time off to attend a funeral. Such instances will be considered 'mitigating circumstances' so could be taken into consideration when we are selecting students for rewards events.

Additionally, some students may have experienced personal circumstances beyond that which the school feel should be expected of a student of their age. On these rare occasions, at the school's discretion, individuals may be included in rewards events as a positive experience to boost self-esteem and morale.

Further considerations:

My Personal Best is a whole school reward structure, meaning departments/faculties may have their own reward structures in place to reward alternative achievements across the school, e.g. Sports Awards Evening, Sport Assemblies and Alton Towers reward trip coordinated by the Participate Faculty in recognition of sporting commitment and/or success.

All trips and experiences take a huge amount of staff time to plan and coordinate and are done so in good faith. Under no circumstances are these opportunities designed to discourage or exclude any students, rather reflect the school ethos and reward evidence of Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence.