6th Former Volunteering

Posted at 12:22 pm on 21st March, 2019

A group of Flixton Girls School 6th Form students have taken up the volunteering ropes to run a variety of sporting and physical activity break and lunchtime sessions. These take place both on FGS site and at St Mary’s CE Primary, one of our local partner primary schools.

On site activities take place every break and for an hour over lunchtime, five days a week, usually outside on our 4G pitch. Activities include football, skipping, hula-hoops, running and space hopper races. All students, across every year group, are encouraged to participate in physical activity, as part of their leisure time. Equipment from the physical education department is available for students and staff to use, with our 6th formers offer coaching and guidance.

Away from the FGS site, two year twelve students, Jade Whitworth and Rachael Jones requested via our Healthy Learning Trust Partnership Development Manager, Mrs Statham, if there was an opportunity to provide sporting activities to younger KS1 and 2 students. With Mrs Statham’s’ assistance the 6th former duo have been introduced to Mrs Looker at St Mary’s Primary School.

St Marys Primary sports leaders.jpg 

Every Tuesday morning, for two hours, during their own supervised study periods Jade and Rachael volunteer with KS1 and 2 students during their lessons, break and lunch times. They provide an introduction to thirty minutes of physical activity for these younger students, helping to embed the importance being physically active. They work with sports leaders at the primary school to ensure these activities can be carried on throughout the week.

Rachael and Jade both commented how it is important for all children to understand the benefits of being physically active. Being physically activity aids higher levels of concentration in their classroom environments; whilst also setting them up for a better future health.

Mrs Looker, St Mary’s Primary said: ‘The girls always come prepared for a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. They engage with all our students, who really enjoy all the activities.’

Mrs Statham said: ‘The girls have shown real maturity in their approach to this placement. They have been extremely reliable and I have received fantastic feedback from both the school and pupils alike.’

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