A-Level Artistic Landscape

Posted at 11:47 am on 26th November, 2019

At Flixton Girls School we allow our students access to a broad variety of outside the classroom learning opportunities, which also extends to our 6th Form A-Level students.

A group of students and a member of staff recently attended an A-Level specialist visual arts weekend course, hosted by The Conway Centre. Set within 169 acres of National Trust parkland on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. The centre has an excellent range of facilities for both the Performing and Visual Arts.

Conway Centre A level visual arts residential2.jpg Conway Centre A level visual arts residential3.jpg

Simon Davies, The Head of Art / Art Tutor from Sir John Deanes 6th Form College, Northwich delivered the two day course. Sharing his experience as a practicing artist / subject leader  to provide our students with knowledge and skills to explore processes and extend their techniques.

They workshop offered high quality education aimed at encouraging creativity and providing opportunities for raising students individual attainment. All our 6th Form students created a huge body of landscape work, developing their perspective and tonal range skills.

They were able to experiment with a wealth of mixed media materials instructed by Simon. The process of trialing different materials and processes really developed their resilience and ability to reflect on their work. Everyone agreed this explorative work gave them a greater sense of achievement; which in turn increased their self confidence and outcomes.

By being challenged our students extend their abilities. Ms Bury, Head of Art said, ‘I am so very proud of what our students have achieved during the long hours and late nights at the Conway Centre. They came out top of their group and developed a wealth of resilience and skills in their art practice.

Year 13 students Lorna and Robyn commented, ‘I was the Star Student! I’m so proud of what I have achieved on the course.’’ I came to the course hating creating landscapes but now I love them.’

Everyone agreed the course exceeded their expectations and really built upon their prior knowledge in an individually focused way. Sharing knowledge and understanding through practical experiences meant we all felt a sense of achievement and appreciation for the work we created.  

conway Centre A level visual arts residential9.jpgConway Centre A level visual arts residentiala.jpgConway Centre A level visual arts residentialb.jpg