Aberdovey Adventures

Posted at 9:41 am on 26th April, 2017

Ninety two year 8 and 9 students were given the chance to further their Outward Bound adventures with a trip to The Outward Bound Trust Aberdovey (Wales) centre. We are committed to ensuring that all girls are able to participate in Outward Bound courses throughout their time at Flixton Girls School.

Walking.jpg   Canoe.jpg

We believe that learning outside the classroom is a vital part of our students’ education. The impact of taking our girls into a different environment and encouraging them to work better as a team, build self-confidence and take personal responsibility is outstanding. The difference both at home and in school is often remarkable.


Their five day programme continues to assist the girls in acquiring a range of transferable skills that will help them to realise their full potential and achieve personal and team goals around the schools founding principles of Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence.

The Aberdovey Centre stands within its own 40 acre grounds above the picturesque fishing village of Aberdovey. It has easy access to the mountain ranges of mid-Wales and has its own waterfront activity centre.  

During their activity packed adventures our students had to face their fears and join forces to accomplish tasks such as climbing ‘The Wall’, mountain walks, map reading and a combat crawl; crawling along a tight rope over water. Everyone strove to overcome their fears whilst making new friends and increasing their skills and awareness of their own and others abilities.


Amy Martin year 9 student commented “I wish I could turn back the clock to year 7; you just don’t appreciate the course, tutors and all the activities back then.”

Ellie Dean year 9 said “It’s such an experience and everybody should grab the opportunity with both hands.”

The Outward Bound Trust tweeted ‘@FlixtonGS Well done to you all, its looks like you have all had an amazing week!’