Aberdovey Adventures

Posted at 11:26 am on 4th May, 2022

Over 160 year 7 students embarked on their first Outward Bound adventures with a trip to The Outward Bound Trust Aberdovey (Wales) centre. This split-week of group activities provided their first taste of physical challenges in the most beautiful of surroundings.


At FGS we are committed to ensuring that all our students are able to participate in Outward Bound courses throughout their time with us.  We believe that learning outside the classroom is a vital part of our students’ education. The impact of taking our girls into a different environment; encouraging them to work better as a team, build self-confidence and take personal responsibility is outstanding. The difference both at home and in school is often remarkable.    

Their three day programme continues to assist the students in acquiring a range of transferable skills that will help them to realise their full potential; achieving personal and team goals linked to overall health and wellbeing outcomes health; academic, physical, nutritional, emotional, social and moral; all of which play a part in our founding principles of ‘Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence’.


The year 7 students had a fantastic time and pushed themselves to achieve their best personal goals by engaging in all the activities.

During their activity packed adventures our students had to face their fears and join forces to accomplish tasks such as climbing ‘Jacobs Ladder’, ‘The Wall’, canoeing, jetty jump, abseiling, ‘trapeze and “jog and dip’. Everyone strove to overcome their fears, developing resilience and heightening their confidence. This wellbeing experience also established new friendships and increased their awareness of their own and others’ abilities.

The Aberdovey Centre stands within its own 40 acre grounds above the picturesque fishing village of Aberdovey. It has easy access to the mountain ranges of mid-Wales and has its own waterfront activity centre.

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Mrs Trussell, Headteacher commented on her visit to the centre, ‘The @AberdoveyCentre doesn’t just provide @FlixtonGS students with physical challenges to develop resilience, confidence and leadership skills. It’s an incredibly beautiful place - getting children engaging with nature is a spiritual experience which enhances their wellbeing!

Mrs Smith tweeted, ‘Thanks to the wonderful staff who helped to ensure all students had a great time and also loved every second of their time in Aberdovey. Feeling lucky’

Year 7 Grace said, ‘I loved it so much, wish I could go back!’

Parent said, ‘Thank you FGS for an amazing residential adventure, my daughter loved every minute.’

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