Active Appetites

Posted at 12:27 pm on 11th February, 2021

Flixton Girls School, member of the Healthy Learning Trust, have been partnering with Trafford Housing Trust providing additional meals to families. This initiative has now been running for two years, including both the summer and Christmas school holidays.

We have been able to offer vouchers usable at a wide variety of stores, providing an accessible approach for more of our community. Families who were able to participate said, ‘this assistance freed up money allowing them to take part in activities such as swimming or trips out (when COVID allowed), thus increasing the physical activity, social interaction and emotional connection of the families.’

Healthy Learning Trust CEO Phil Deakin said, ‘We were very happy that Trafford Housing Trust have provided us with the opportunity to help our families. Working with local supermarkets allowed us to further engage with our community, and it was great to hear news from our students about what they were able to access over the holidays.’

Active Atitudes.png 

Trafford Housing Trusts, Active Appetites 2021 is currently open for applications on our websiteand we are looking forward to working with many organisations again this year in making sure children and families can access food and support during the school holidays.