Animal Adoptions

Posted at 3:18 pm on 28th February, 2018

Since September our year 7 forms have been involved in an Eco Committee, where members meet to see how they can help improve the local environment and raising awareness of global issues. One thing they do is participate in the Chester Zoo ‘Adopt an Animal’ campaign, to support the on-going work with conservation in the UK and around the world.

The form groups set up various stalls at the FGS Christmas Fair and their enthusiastic efforts meant they raised over £350. This substantial sum means they can complete the adoption of three animals, one per House; as well as donating the remaining funds to assist the up-keep of our rabbits – Terry and Thumper.

Following a week of student voting Anne Frank house nominated a tortoise; Helen Keller house nominated a cheetah and Rosa Parks nominated an otter.

Tortoise.jpg   Cheetah.jpg   Otter.jpg 

The official adoption process with Chester Zoo completed recently with the certificates and soft toys being presented to House representatives.