Barclays Internship Programme Update 2018

Posted at 10:32 am on 23rd May, 2018

Flixton Girls School (FGS) internship programme through Barclays Bank servicing and operations section, based in Manchester, is now in it’s third year. Students experience this one day a week - year long internship programme by working collaboratively within the banks various departments.

Students including Emma Marshall and Sureyja McKenzie, wrote letters of application and they were shortlisted for interview by Barclays.

Emma and Sureyja began their internship at the end of September 2017. Denise Roberts, Team Leader at Barclays devised the programme so both girls received a full and varied overview of Barclays servicing operations. They worked in eleven different departments including - operational oversight, customer requests, power of attorney for people with dementia, and the new legislation around GDPR.

As a conclusion to their internship Emma and Sureyja created and delivered a presentation to Barclays and FGS. Their presentation focused on GDPR and Dementia Friends, including how Barclays supports this worthwhile cause. Everyone fully appreciated the time and effort Emma and Sureyja had committed to the presentation and their time with Barclays.

Barclays Internship.jpg 

Emma and Sureyja really enjoyed the whole internship programme with Barclays, saying the time spent within various departments has taught them so much which can be related back to their school curriculum.

A Barclays Senior Operations Manager, Brian Mellor who attended the presentation commented- ‘I know people of 21 years of age who wouldn’t be able to deliver this type of presentation as well as they did. Also asking them to deliver their GDPR presentation to my department.’

The internship programme with Barclays has been another resounding success. Providing massively invaluable support to all participating students over the years. Links with Barclays are ongoing and another application process will be opened up early September 2018.