Barclays Internship Programme Update

Posted at 1:29 pm on 10th October, 2017

Flixton Girls School has developed an internship programme enhancing links between the school and prestigious companies. FGS contacted Barclays Bank Business Section; Piccadilly Place Manchester about collaborating to develop a one day a week year long internship programme.

We launched the Barclays Internship Programme with the year 9 students. Students had to write a letter of application; from which we received many excellent applications. Catalina David was shortlisted and then interviewed by Barclays.

Catalina began her internship at the end of September 2016. Barclays devised the internship programme to give Catalina a full and varied overview of Barclays Business. She worked in eleven different departments such as bonds, ISA, operational oversight, customer requests, business and personal insolvency and loan preparation.

As a conclusion to her internship Catalina delivered a presentation to representatives of Barclays and FGS. During the presentation she explained what she had learnt in each department. Barclay’s staff was fully appreciative of Catalina’s presentation. They too learnt of some good practice that other departments had developed.

Barclays Internship.jpg

Catalina really enjoyed her time with Barclays saying these departments had taught her so much that she could relate back to the school curriculum; she commented that she was able to relate her work experience to her maths lessons.

Denise Roberts from Barclays Bank said; ‘Barclays were full of praise for Catalina saying that they would employ her immediately as she had such a positive and impressive attitude to the work, such a great team member; mixing with all Barclay’s staff whatever their title.

This is the second year FGS have run the internship programme with Barclays and both years have been a huge success. It has been massively invaluable to the students who have participated in the programme.

Catalina said; ‘Anyone can do The Barclays Internship; so long as they are determined and motivated to catch up on the work missed whilst in placement.’

This year’s internship programme will commence after half term; with two successful candidates being confirmed by Denise Roberts only yesterday. Emma Marshall and Surejya McKenzie both interviewed really well considering they were in unfamiliar surroundings. Well done to all those chosen for interview; Mrs Hazeldine and Mrs Bates had a difficult choice shortlisting just five students from all those who submitted applications this year.

We look forward to updates on this years candidates over the coming months and wish them well in their first steps beyond the classroom and into the work place.