BioGrad Science Park

Posted at 11:34 am on 23rd May, 2019

FGS year 10 and 6th form students were offered this rare and unique opportunity to swap the classroom for the research clinics and laboratories of BioGrad Limited based at the Liverpool Science Park.

Students from years 10 to 13 who have an interest in pursuing careers such as nursing, medicine, biomedical science, Nano science, pharmaceutical and medical research really found this day beyond the classroom a great experience.

Following an initial welcome talk from Dr Natalie Kenny, Chief Scientific Officer; who answered questions such as: ‘How can I find medical and laboratory work experience? and ‘What do scientists wear for work?’ The groups were able to speak with individual scientists, clinicians and business experts whilst rotating around a variety of facilities including the Respiratory and Cardiac Assessment Suite, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Science Entrepreneurship and main Laboratories.

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At FGS we always want to provide our students with opportunities to experience real life career situations, allowing them to gain first-hand knowledge to allow them to decide how to shape their own futures.

BioGrad tweeted: ‘It was wonderful to @FlixtonGS to BioGrad yesterday! Students joined us for a fun filled day in our “careers in science” event. Students completed many different activities throughout the day in order to gain practical skills.’

All our students had an amazing day saying it was a great trip – see below some of their specific comments:

Zara Aziz, year 10 said ‘I really want to be a doctor or nurse when I’m older and following in my Dad’s footsteps. It was great to be able to use medical equipment like the ECG (an electrocardiogram) which test heart rhythm.’

Sixth form year 12 student Sophie Coyne said ‘It was a very hands on style trip, which I loved. I really want a career in medicine so I was able to talk with staff and find out about alternate ways of career progression, in particular from a medical equipment research and development perspective. I enjoyed reviewing how medical instruments are used and developed, as well as the DNA and gold particle testing.’

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We hope to offer this type of hands-on/practical style of career pursuits to more of our students over the coming years, allowing future generations of female role models to be created from within our school environment.

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