British Black History

Posted at 1:36 pm on 20th October, 2020

Throughout October students and staff at Flixton Girls School have been celebrating black history month by delving into British black history asking themselves to ‘dig deeper, look closer and think bigger’.

Students were able to access a focused British black history presentation during their House assembly delivered to form groups, in their classrooms. Ms Kelly’s brilliant presentation of black historical facts, gave our students an overview of British black history through the years. It highlighted figures in British black history, including Ms Leach’s hero, Olive Morris. Olive was co-founder of Manchester Black Women’s Cooperative and Black Women’s Mutual Aid Group. She achieved so much in her 27 years standing up for the rights of black people, during the 1970’s. 

Students were asked to ‘dig deeper, look closer and think bigger’ sharing with friends, family and their peers a significant British black figure. Discussing why they are important, what they have done and why they should be talked about!

In conjunction, teachers used the topic of British black history to further expand our students' knowledge across all a variety of subjects and based around the current curriculum. During lessons students and staff were able to look closer, dig deeper and think bigger, reviewing and sharing information across a wider variety of British black figures from the worlds of textiles, psychology, politics, sciences, maths and drama, to name but a few.

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Ms Smith, Head of Health and Wellbeing commented, ‘Students will gain a lot from this school wide approach and for the way we have celebrated British black history rather than focusing purely on the slave trade and civil rights. We hope to establish the links to British black history throughout the curriculum all year round.’

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