Building Growth!

Posted at 11:03 am on 24th February, 2022

Here at Flixton Schools Girls (FGS) we actively encourage students to access our extra-curricular programme of activities to enhance their learning and build upon skills which they can use both now and in their future education and career journey. By participating in this programme students stretch the confines of their normal curriculum and widen their educational experience. This in turn improves their independent learning and can ‘light a fire’ within learners to take their passion further.

Students in our Design Technology (DT) club have really found their passion and as part of the ‘Growing Together’ project to enhance the school environment, they designed and built a Bug House.

House plans.jpg DT bug house.jpg Bug House.jpg

Libby, Rosie and Sunny, all from year 7, agreed it has been a great project. They all worked together, as a team, to bring the drawings to life. Things did have to change, throughout the process, taking into consideration the products they had available and how certain design concepts may have originally been beyond their abilities. However, this didn’t prevent them from making adaptations and finding a solution. They all agreed it would be great to work on another project together.

Libby-Ann said, ‘It was like a jigsaw puzzle making sure we had all the parts in the right places.’

By attending the weekly, one hour after school club since the beginning of this academic year, they have considered all aspects of their project from conception through to design and most recently the build phase. All three students have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and were able to find and use natural recyclable items to include in their bug house.

Ms Rushton, Teacher of Design Technology said, ‘This small group have really worked exceptionally well together. This project has been ongoing since September but they never lost sight of their aim, dealing with design adaptations as they worked through the concept, design and build processes. This has really given them a sense of purpose and enriched their DT skills.’

Great work by all those involved and we’re sure the new bug house will be a great addition to our school gardening project.