Careers & Enterprise Event

Posted at 2:59 pm on 24th January, 2022

Providing our students with relevant life skills and experiences which enables them to make choices for their future education and career, is at the heart of our school ethos. At Flixton Girls School (FGS) our careers and enterprise event has empowered learners to achieve excellence, in order to aspire to their dreams.

Year 7 participated in STEM related subjects based around CSI activities based around a murder mystery. They were able to review crime scene evidence and use scientific techniques to analyse hair, pollen, soil and fingerprints whilst coming to their conclusion of ‘Who Done it!’.


Year 8 and 9 were immersed in a Dragons Den style national “Tycoon Challenge”. Groups formulated ideas and researched concepts for their proposed business plan before preparing their pitch and presentation ahead of presenting their findings for the judging panel.

Year 10 and 11 have been able to access online UNIFROG activities around creating their own curriculum vitae which can be used for their future college, university and career applications. In addition, they had a carousel of sessions on teamwork, presentation skills, regeneration brainery and access to a market place of external careers fair providers.

Sixth form students were also able to participate with a visit from Megan Mylrea MSc (PhD Organic Chemistry at the University of Manchester in conjunction with Cancer Research UK). Megan spoke about her research work at AstraZeneca, during her one-year Masters placement, which provided invaluable industry led laboratory experience. She was able to answer relevant student questions relating to science based degree level courses and emphasising the cross over between subjects which may only differ by a few specific modules.

The meeting was organised by science teacher Ms Valentine, who attended university with Megan. All attendees wish to thank Megan for taking time out of her schedule to come and talk with them face to face. We wish her well in her work at Cancer Research UK.


FGS Careers Coordinator Mrs Bates said, ‘It’s been a great pleasure to be able to hold this event again and for students to talk to ‘real people’ and find out what their daily working lives are like. This type of event inspires students, enabling them to make informed choices; which in turn allows them to set targets to achieve their goals.’

Mrs Bates and FGS Enterprise and Careers Champion Miss Collier, wish to thank all the students and staff for their energy and commitment in ensuring this event ran smoothly, as well as thanking all the external providers for their resources and attendance at this full day event.

Feedback following the event from participants and parents included, ‘Thank you to all employers and providers for taking the time out of your busy schedules to give our daughters much needed career advice, very much appreciated.’ ‘Thanks for having us @FlixtonGS, it was great to be part of your event and provide opportunities for your students.’

For more resources and information relating to further education and careers pathways please review our Careers Information Advice and Guidance website pages.