Celebrating Adventures

Posted at 3:34 pm on 9th January, 2019

Our students celebrated their Outward Bound and Duke of Edinburgh adventures in style; presenting to staff, peers and parents.

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November saw year 10 students visit Loch Eil in Scotland where they were empowered to overcome new challenges making life both interesting and meaningful!  Activities included a jog and dip in the Loch, tree climbing, team games between the groups, rock climbing, mountain scrambling, tyrolean and one group did a mountain walk that bypassed the viaduct in the Harry Potter film.

During the week each student was given a leadership role help them develop skills such as assisting others and showing how attitudes affect others.

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In December the majority of year 7 students visited Ullswater, Cumbria for a split week of outside classroom experiences. This residential focused the students on having an increased awareness of their own skills, whilst improving their confidence and self-belief in their abilities. All students and staff took part in team building and physical challenges including mountain walking, gorge walking, canoeing, “jog and dip” and other outdoor activities.  All the students attempted every challenge, making the most of their time at the centre and achieving great personal goals. This year the weather challenged the students, with Storm Diana giving the students a bit of a rough ride.

Our celebration event then acknowledged all those who completed their Duke of Edinburgh Silver -31 and Bronze – 56 awards; with badge and certificate presentations.

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Olivia Nixon commented: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences of completing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award. I have learnt many new life skills including map reading, effective communication, independent and team work. The process has been a lot of fun with many laughs and great memories being forged along the way. I would highly recommend this to anyone!’

Ionie Mandla said: ‘During my time completing my silver award I gained a copius amount of life skills. Completing this award made me step outside my comfort zone and challenged me to overcome obstacles which had previously held me back. This process has helped me to develop as a person. After volunteering I have become more confident and made loads of new friends. I intend continuing my Duke of Edinburgh journey!’

Staff tweeted: ‘Lovely afternoon with students and parents reflecting on bronze and silver #DofE experiences. Well done everyone @FlixtonGS #FGSsmsc #MyPersonalBest.’

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FGS Outward Bound leader Mrs Bates said ‘Everyone should be very proud of themselves and what they have all achieved. I firmly believe that ‘learning outside the classroom’ is crucial to a young person’s development, helping them to become independent from parents, to work as part of a team, to develop self-confidence and communication skills. FGS are fully committed to bringing students together and giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves, display their skills, develop their leadership and perform their role effectively. We want to increase students’ awareness of their team working skills, make more use of their initiative and to be able to act as role models for other students in the school and to demonstrate these skills for future employers.” Student Isabel Shaw exceeded herself and was awarded a scholarship award that entitles her to go back to Outward Bound during the summer for more challenges.

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A year 7 parent commented: ‘We will never be able to show our appreciation for all the staff dedication and commitment on this trip. Our daughter had a fabulous and inspiring time – despite storm Diana’s attempts to dampen it. She now has more confidence following her experiences. Many thanks for providing such life changing experiences and memories.’