Chatsworth Collab!

Posted at 1:13 pm on 10th November, 2022

Flixton Girls School year 9 students embarked on a whole year group trip, across three full days, visiting Chatsworth House, a large Derbyshire house with extensive gardens and farmyards. Our students were able to experience this collaborative trip, between Geography and Food Technology, that form part of their investigation into ‘food’ as a resource for our ever growing population.


Students and staff were guided around the farm and gardens of Chatsworth by knowledgeable staff, who brought the farming and produce growing to life by explaining how the land is used, for an ever increasing population demand.

Chatsworth’s farm established since 1973 is home to a variety of animals. Recently awarded a Rare Breeds Survival Trust accreditation for their contribution to the conservation of some of the rarest livestock and equine breeds native to the UK, from Suffolk Punch horses and Shire horses to British Landrace pigs and Eriskay ponies.

Ms Perkin, Geography teacher and Ms Foxley, Food Technology teacher said: ‘It was lovely to see the students using their skills and applying their learning outside of the classroom. Linking Geography and Food Technology curriculum content empowers our learners to see the bigger picture and consider the implications of ‘food’ from a broader perspective.’

‘They really enjoyed being able to touch, smell, listen to the environment around them and get back to nature, by feeding the animals, tasting the produce and being out in the fresh air!’

Many of the students really enjoyed the visit and being able to experience a variety of edible plants and flowers they are not accustomed to tasting. One student said ‘Miss, this is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, you can eat everything!"

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