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Posted at 2:44 pm on 30th October, 2019

Year 8 students from Flixton Girls School recently visited Sharston Recycling Centre, Longley Lane Education Centre; as part of their Geography studies, into how cities are trying to become more sustainable.

This hugely topical issue is covered extensively in everyday news and at FGS we promote recycling around school where ever possible. There are more and more job opportunities in the environment and sustainability sector - including wildlife conservation, urban planning and environmental engineering – making this topic extremely relevant.

The girls had an interactive session on how Manchester is achieving sustainable targets, what happens to all our household waste and concluded with a tour of a recycling plant. This part of the trip really gave the students an understand of the technology and engineering used.

         Recycling Centre Yr8b.jpg      Recycling Centre Yr8.jpg

Miss Perkins Head of Geography, escorted the group tweeted: ‘Year 8s learning about how to look after the environment at @recycle4gm @FlixtonGS #plasticbottlesonly #nolids #wasteless #recycleright #recyclemore’

Miss McLauchlan Humanitities Teacher and trip organizer commented, ’Pupils learn about sustainable urban living in year 7 and renewable energies in year 8, so the day linked in really well with the geography curriculum. Pupils were fascinated by the machinery used to separate our waste and the impact that their everyday actions have on Manchester’s environment and economy. The interactive tasks were really engaging and focused the students on their everyday day actions.’

Many students agreed it was a great eye opening trip which brought together their classroom learning and the need for cities and in fact everyone, to do their bit to be more sustainable. If we all work together we can make sure our local area contributes to the health of our planet as a whole.

A guide to what can and can’t be recycled can be found at:

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