Core Strength Pilot

Posted at 12:27 pm on 21st March, 2019

Fourteen Flixton Girls School students, from across four year groups,  have recently commenced a twelve-week pilot programme of core strength and wellbeing style sessions all aimed at building body and  emotional confidence. Workshops guide the participants through lifestyle choices and how these can have a positive effect on their wellbeing, both in the short and long term. 

By developing the students’ knowledge and understanding of a healthy lifestyle and the value of good health, the sessions give opportunities to improve physical fitness, gain knowledge & experience of healthy eating habits and develop skills to make healthy decisions regarding food and exercise.

Throughout the programme, there will be cooking and nutrition classes, a range of different fitness sessions, home workouts using with little or no equipment and access to quick and easy meal ideas for the participants to try at home.

In addition, with the creation of a specific Instagram account - @core_strengthfgs - all students and staff, whether pilot participants or not, are being asked to follow the account and take on board the ideas and advice.

Year 10 student Holly Barron who recently began her own journey towards a healthier lifestyle, provided the participants with an inspirational speech. She said: ‘I was really unhappy with how I viewed myself, so I decided enough was enough and it was up to me to make myself happier, more confident and both physically and mentally fit. I hasn’t been easy and it doesn’t happen overnight but I would definitely say the difference in my self-esteem and my own appearance has meant I feel comfy in my own skin. With an ‘I can and I will do it’ attitude, I empowered myself to set my goals and meet them. It’s a journey of discovery and some setbacks but sticking to my end goal allows me to feel proud of what I have achieved and goals.’

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Miss Collier and Mrs. Foxley both said ‘This pilot was set up to develop the students through the five Healthy Learning Trust pathways; Physical, Emotional, Social and Moral, Nutritional and Academic. We noticed a huge difference with the girls who were attending our fitness sessions so implemented this pilot, rolling out this workbook plan to guide and develop more girls, across different age groups, to make better choices and feel body confident. It is lovely to see the students progressing and enjoying their journey.’

Feedback from the participants so far has included: ‘How I feel more energetic for the day ahead which helps me academically and socially. I feel positive about myself and cooking more meals for my family.’

We wish the participants all the very best over the coming weeks and please watch this space for future updates!


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