Creative Writing

Posted at 11:50 am on 9th November, 2017

At Flixton Girls School (FGS) we are always happy to welcome back ex-students, teachers, staff and governors to share their experiences with our current students and staff. Which is why when Clare Littlemore, ex- English Teacher asked for an audience we were only too happy to accept her kind offer.

Clare taught as part of our English department for over 12 years, leaving in 2015 to pursure her writing career. She has recently completed and published the first in a series of six books that focus on teenage attitudes to dystopian world-views.

Clare discussed effective literary techniques with FGS students to support them through their examinations. She also delivered two short talks to the girls focusing on her love of books, how she has achieved her goal of becoming a writer and having her work published. She explained how she has progressed her writing with hard work and dedication to the craft.

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Clare commented; ‘I always wondered how people got so lucky, but then I realized that the harder I work the luckier I get.’

Her first dystopian novel ‘FLOW’ is aimed at young adults of 13+, but is also suitable for adults. It features a group of people struggling to survive after their world has been annihilated by devastating floods.  

We thank Clare for taking the time to share her experiences and knowledge with our current students and wish her every success with her current and future books in this series and beyond.

The book is available for kindle download or paperback purchase on Amazon here