Customer Services Masterclass

Posted at 12:26 pm on 18th October, 2017

Ten year 11 students attended a Customer Services Masterclass event held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport in conjunction with Manchester Airport Transformation Team.

Whilst the event was aimed at post 16 students, FGS key stage 4 students were invited to attend and participate in the interactive sessions and lectures from companies with world class customer service including, John Lewis and Travel Counsellors.

The students also had the opportunity to meet Manchester Airport Transformation Team and hear about future roles which they could aspire to become involved with.


The four workshops provided relevant customer service information covering a variety of aspects of the travel industry. Although being younger than mot other participants, our students were more than able to contribute to the group discussions; with staff commenting on how well the students had done.

Mrs Bates Work Experience and KS5 Transition Coordinator escorted our girls and commented; ‘I believe the students were quite surprised about the amount of careers that are involved within the travel industry. They all took away potential careers pathway ideas for both new and existing chosen professions.

Student Maddison Owen said; ‘Although aimed at post 16 it was still very relevant and showed a variety of customer service careers. I particularly enjoyed the Jet2 and Radisson Blu workshops as I wish to pursue a career in HR/Finance; as I really love maths.’

Student Ellie Butcher commented; ‘I had no expectations before the event but felt it really opened up new ideas and I am seriously thinking about a career in the travel industry, particularly as an air stewardess.’