Dedicated Dancer

Posted at 10:23 am on 23rd May, 2018

Flixton Girls School year 7 Demi Aughey is really showing dedication to her chosen sport by raising her own funds through bag packing and local sponsorship, to allow her to attend and participate in the UDO European Street Dance Championships.

Demi and her team ‘Insync’ from the Aim Sky High Company represented Britain in Kalkar Germany, after qualifying first in the National Street Dance competition. Demi trains  for over 40 hours a week, in additional to her school and homework and from her recent glowing school report she manages her time very effectively.

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The whole squad had a great time in German and really performed well, being placed 5th overall.

Insync Group.jpg

Demi commented - ‘I am motivated to train and do well by my street dance idle Parris Goebel, a New Zealand born choreographer. My dream - one day, is to be able to dance like or even beside her. I always push myself to achieve the highest level, seeing others, like my dance teacher perform makes me feel, I can do it.’

Lisa Aughey, Demi’s Mum said: ‘We are very proud of Demi and the dedication she shows to her dancing and school work, ensuring she manages her time effectively. She often misses out on other activities / events due to her training schedule and competitions, but she never complains, always wanting to achieve her best.’