Digital Her

Posted at 11:26 am on 23rd May, 2019

FGS year 8 students were invited to attend the ‘Digital Her Roadshow’ at the Mercure Bowden Hotel, Altrincham, for a full day of digital and tech activities.

Students who showed their commitment and progression into computer science and the sciences were given this opportunity to be introduced to the wider world of digital technology and the careers available.

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The event involved ice breaker activities, meeting their role models and workshops led by the Government Communications Headquarters - GCHQ, University Academy 92 - UA92, BJSS – a leading IT solutions company and Autotrader. The workshops allowed the girls to get to grips with project roles, complete coding tasks and create their own personal emoji’s.

At FGS we want our students to get hands-on experience of working with digital and technology organisations, whilst also meeting female role models from these organisations to empower them to join these industries in the future.

Manchester Digital who organised the event, work with the region’s most progressive digital and technology businesses to create the optimum environment for them to succeed. They established ‘Digital Her’ as more women are needed within the digital and tech world.

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They aim to provide the support, the opportunities and the guidance needed to encourage a new generation of women into our industry. Digital Her's mission is simple – to inspire and empower girls by introducing them to real role models and visible mentors.

All our students were actively engaged throughout the day and enjoyed the variety of different tasks on offer, with them all saying the coding and emoji creation tasks were great. They all agreed that the event really opened their eyes to the different roles and aspects of the digital industry.

We hope to continue our involvement with the #DigitalHer campaign and working with members of Manchester Digital to ensure future female role models are created from within our school environment.