Eco Committee Zoo Animal Sponsors

Posted at 10:43 am on 11th January, 2017

Students arranged stalls with a variety of activities at the FGS Christmas Fair and their enthusiasm, combined with support from the Learner Services team, raised £180 for this cause. Following this fundraising the committee took their plan to the whole year groups and asked each house to vote for one of three animals.

Following a week of student voting Anne Frank house nominated a tiger; Helen Keller house nominated a two toed sloth and Rosa Parks nominated a red panda. Eco committee members explained how the voting was carried out anonymously following information provided during assemblies and discussions in form groups. Members felt their peers voted for the animal that they felt most endangered or which looked the cutest.

sloth.gif tiger.jpg

red panda.jpg

We are now able to complete the official adoption process with Chester Zoo so we look forward to promoting the results of this great partnership and the continued success of the Eco committee.