Election Fever

Posted at 2:16 pm on 8th June, 2017

FGS Year 10 held their own general election today with students representing 5 of the major political parties; Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green and SNP. Coordinated by Humanities & Citizenship Teachers Miss Johnston and Miss O’Halloran, students had 24 hours to create campaigns and speak to as many students as possible to share their visions and respond to questions.

During morning registration Form Tutors talked through the election process with their form groups and shared how to cast their votes at the polling station. Our girls were able to openly discuss what a general election is, why voting is important and what the major parties were campaigning for.

Student party members representing each of the chosen parties continued their campaigning prior to the opening of our very own polling station.

FGS Elections.jpg

During break and lunch students were able to cast their vote, in an anonymous manor; completing their own ballot paper before adding it to our own ballot boxes.

Student representing each of the parties were:

Tia-Robyn Sharp (Cons)

Ellena Wood (Cons)

Ella Crean (Cons)

Katie Scotson (Lab)

Chloe Chesworth (Lab)


Millie Cooper (SNP)

Amy Roberts (SNP)

Megan Carr (Green)

Molly Wright (Green)

Jess Smallwood (Lib Dems)

Emily Kelly (Lib Dems)



FGS Labour.jpg  

Following the official vote count Labour won with a landslide majority. As the country waits with baited breath we wonder if our unofficial result will mirror how the whole of the UK votes emerge over the coming hours!

Election Result.jpg