England U16's Rounders Talent

Posted at 1:47 pm on 9th November, 2016

Following Flixton Girls School winning success at Rounders during both 2015 and 2016 Trafford competitions our teaching staff Rebecca Croniken and Danielle Tedford took it upon themselves to show their students’ skills further afield.

During their own personal time Ms Croniken and Ms Tedford escorted  students to the England Under 16 Rounders trials which were held at The Corby Academy, Northamptonshire. Here the students faced independent selectors following a set criteria based on specific skills, aptitude and game awareness.

Being part of an England Squad is rewarding and satisfying but it also demands commitment and professionalism from all who are selected. Therefore we couldn’t be more proud of Jessica and Reagan Wallworth following their selection for the U16’s squad.

Wallworth Sisters.jpg

Both Jessica and Raegan jumped for joy when they received confirmation of their selection for the U16’s squad. Jessica said ‘When we opened the email we both screamed with happiness. We are looking forward to some more hard work and training.’

Both girls commence training with the squad over the coming weeks, where they will enhance their playing skills and drills, as well as playing full Rounders games.

Ms Tedford said ‘These two have been on my team since year 7 and I’m so proud that their exceptional talents have been recognised. Both girls are all-rounders; they can bat, field and read the game of play.’

Rounders England are extremely proud of all of the players in the England squads. Building a cohesive squad is based on getting the skill set right, ensuring that the right players are in the right positions; to create the greatest opportunity to win. It is important that the players share the same vision and are unified in their approach to winning.