Posted at 11:22 am on 27th June, 2017

Following on from our winning poster entries for the ‘Exploring Nuclear’ competition our students attended the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF) Science, Technology, Engineering,

Maths (STEM) Event at Hotel Football, Old Trafford.

STEM Fair.jpg 

The event brought together students and young professionals from across the European nuclear industry, including over 40 from Sellafield.  The theme for ENYGF2017 was "Innovation in Nuclear: a Rich Heritage and our Bright Future.

Our girls took part in four workshops, each of which provided them with an exciting learning experience that encouraged interest in STEM and an appreciation of the work undertaken in the nuclear sector. Students developed effective skills for use in their future working environment and were given an understanding of work undertaken in the nuclear industry. Plus they learnt about routes into STEM related careers by discussions with apprentices and graduates who provided support during the day.

Workshops included Workshop 1: Retrieval of Legacy Waste from Storage Ponds, Workshop 2: Safe Transportation of Active Waste, Workshop 3: Earthquake Simulator and Workshop 4: Design and Manufacture of an Industrial Glovebox.

STEM Fair 2.jpg 

FGS won all three competitive challenges beating seven local secondary schools; the challenges followed the workshop themes. Nina Cornell was also nominated for two individual awards and won a solar powered robotics kit for the best communication award on the day. This was a fantastic achievement as only four awards were recognised and over thirty five students attended the event.

STEM Fair 3.jpg 

Nina Cornell said ‘I really enjoyed the workshops, challenges and speaking to all the professionals at the event. They provided great information on current nuclear energy affairs which really made the event worthwhile. I really love Science and an aiming for a future career using this love, specifically the environmental issues surrounding nuclear waste and who this is or can be stored for the future safety for everyone.’

Science Teacher and event organiser Miss Kilroe said ‘Our girls were a delight and used every opportunity to engage with the nuclear engineers, quizzing them about how political events affect their jobs and what a typical day is like for them. The event was a huge success and I know they found it truly inspirational and came away with lots of interesting ideas for the future.’

Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network tweeted; ‘Fantastic day with Greater Manchester's brightest young talent at the #ENYGF #STEM event! @ENYGF @NuclearInst thanks @SellafieldLtd.'