Exploring Nuclear

Posted at 9:48 am on 7th June, 2017

As part of our progressive curriculum and links to STEM industries our year 9 students were given the opportunity to participate in a creative poster competition organised by the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network in relation to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The competition theme was ‘Exploring Nuclear’ and competitors expressed their own views about the perceived the topic and how they would like to present it.

Posters were judged by a number of the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF) team. Each poster was judged according to presentation, information and, most importantly, creativity.

As both the winning and runner up school we received a K-Nex set and book vouchers. All successful students were also presented with certificates by Kate Green, Stretford and Urmston Labour candidate, Tom Eastup, Vice Chair of Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network and Andy McIvor, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Nuclear Institute.    

The successful students were:

Winners: Nina Cornell, Emma Marshall, Areeba Waseem, Abbie Barnard, Bradie Zimmer-Collins and Neive Thompson. Their poster showed how well they had researched the pro’s and cons of nuclear energy / science over the decades showing both the bad and good aspects of the industry.


Runners Up: Angel Stewart and Khadijah Salim whose poster had great design and concept following the history of nuclear energy.

Runner Up.jpg 

The girls were both surprised and excited about their successes and couldn’t wait to question our visitors about how they got into the industry, what subjects they studied at school and college and the how the industry is dealing with the harmful effects of nuclear energy on the environment and the world we live in.

Tom Eastup said ‘All our entries were of a great calibre and quality and showed how science is perceived here at FGS with the volume of entries received. Students should stay interested in science and keep up to date with the industry and current affairs and try to get involved with more activities around science outside of the school environment.’


Andy McIvor commented ‘Congratulations FGS – our charitable organisation Women in Nuclear (WINUK) aims to attract more females into the industry and provide a route for a wider more diverse sector of society. Follow your passions through education and look for work experience within the sector that triggers your passions to gain valuable experience within the industry.’

Kate Green praised FGS as a fantastic school, with a great inclusive ethos. She said ‘FGS provides females with an excellent passion to achieve their best and get into those industries not generally accessed by females. Make good subject chooses for your GCSE’s and A-Levels, think ahead and consider your final goals and get careers guidance before making your choices.’ 

The winning posters will be displayed at the ENYGF event in Manchester between 11-16th June. ENYGF brings together students and young professionals from across the European nuclear industry.  The theme for ENYGF2017 is "Innovation in Nuclear: a Rich Heritage and our Bright Future. It was last held in Paris in 2015, with over 350 delegates attending from 27 different countries.

Mrs Hazeldine thanked everyone for attending and specifically thanked teacher Mrs Tyler for introducing the students to this nuclear energy competition and her hard work and dedication with whole school KS3 science, as well as her termly STEM fairs.

She said ‘We don’t have stereotypes at FGS for science or other previously more male orientated job pathways. We wish to extend our industry links in this sector from both lower and upper school links through to our sixth form students and hope this will go from strength to strength.’