Feedback Favourites!

Posted at 5:29 pm on 9th February, 2021

We want to share some of our parental feedback which really lifted the whole teams’ spirits and reaffirmed our ethos that we are all in this together. We appreciate home-schooling isn’t easy for students or parents but we aim to provide a positive environment and make changes for the better as time progresses.

Year 7 parents said, ‘I feel compelled to drop you a quick note to commend you and your fantastic team for all your hard work and dedication during these very difficult and uncertain times.’

‘We really appreciate your informative weekly video, emails and the care phone calls from members of staff and the work that is set for all subjects.’

‘As a new parent to the school our daughter feels included in school life and we really appreciate that she is allowed to attend school, three days a week, as I’m an essential worker.’

Year 8 parents commented, ‘Just thought I’d let you know what a great job your team at Flixton are doing. We couldn't be more pleased with the work my daughter is getting. She shows me everyday what she's done and I'm really proud of what she's achieving.’

‘Under the circumstances you should be commended for managing to provide the service to the girls. We have friends with children at other schools, in the area, who aren’t getting the same service or help, and I have to say Flixton Girls, to me, are the leaders in homeschooling.’

Year 9 parents said, ‘My daughter is just great and doing well, we are keeping everybody positive with lots of fresh air- walking the dog and virtual contact with her friends. Thanks to your team and all the effort they are putting into supporting the girls.’

‘My daughter received a merit award in recognition of her engagement during lock-down. Thank you so much for this very kind and thoughtful feedback. She was thrilled to receive a headteacher recognition! Your staff have been brilliant during lock-down. I think the communication school maintains with parents and students is brilliant, and also, very reassuring. Please pass on my thanks and warm regards to the whole Flixton family.’

Year 10 parents commented, ‘Just wanted to pass on to you all, that I found the parent evening system absolutely fantastic! I thought it was so efficient and effective. Timings of each appointment ensured that staff and parents kept on track, nothing worse than a parent waffling on for hours and holding everyone up!…..I presume you were part of setting the system up in the background which I know can be so time consuming, parents just don’t see how much work is involved back of house!

‘Please pass on my thanks to all staff involved in the evening and to staff that support in the day to day operations, Mrs Croniken has been amazing. It’s tough going at the moment isn’t it and I know how hard you are all working. The reporting systems you have in place are great and make me feel a little more reassured that I am involved in my daughter's progress as much as I can be.’

It was also lovely to hear feedback directly from students, through their Google classroom, about how they felt about their learning, progress and achievements: ‘I’ve been able to complete the work to a good standard.’

‘I have worked hard through online learning in lock-down.’

‘The hard work I’ve completed, in my online learning, has been recognised and appreciated by my teachers.’

‘Receiving feedback and house points makes we feel appreciated.’

‘Starting new hobbies due to lock-down makes me feel more motivated.’ ‘I have enjoyed the work and I’m happy with my weekly reports. I feel more organised and on track.’

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