FGS students’ success in school’s 90th year!

Posted at 10:18 am on 25th August, 2022

Students at FGS have received their GCSE results and their outcomes have seen record levels of progress for the school in its 90th year.

Headline figures show that nearly half of all students gained 5 or more strong passes including English and Maths - an over 40% increase on pre Covid results.

96 students – half of the year group - gained at least one of the coveted 9 to 7 grades and 24 gained five or more of these high-level marks. Overall the students were awarded 448 of the top grades.

These fabulous achievements are echoed throughout the core subject-specific grades with strong and standard passes all rising – with a 50% increase in strong passes in English and Maths being the highlight of this trend.  And 65% of students have gained the entry requirements to progress into the Sixth Form at FGS and are able to continue being part of the Flixton Family.

Individual student highlights included:

  • Alexa Thomas with six 6 grade 9s, one grade 8 and three grade 7s – including 9-9-9 in Triple Science.
  • Anya Watson with three grade 9s and seven grade 8s - 100% 8/9.
  • Hannah Warburton with four grade 9s, five grade 8s and two grade 7s.
  • Amber Wilkinson with one grade 9, five grade 8s and four grade 7s.

Headteacher Dorothy Trussell said:

“In our 90th year as a school serving the community, I am so proud of our students and our staff. To improve so much on pre Covid results, with everything that has happened over the last two years whilst studying and teaching for these examinations, shows the resilience, determination and talent of all of our students. And for so many to gain the highest grades, with all the opportunity and open doors that success brings, shows that the Flixton Family at FGS has a bright future as well as an proud heritage.”

Mrs Trussell is pictured below with Anya Watson (left) and Alexa Thomas (right).