Filming our Evening of Excellence

Posted at 11:42 am on 8th February, 2022

Flixton Girls School staff and students from across all seven year groups and all subject areas have pulled together to showcase an exceptional array of talent, work ethic and passion in our hugely rewarding Evening of Excellence celebration. This masterclass of abilities was showcased through a range of inspirational presentations, song, dance, music, gymnastics and more.

With such a large group of students and staff involved, limitations on the audience numbers forced this year's performances to be filmed. This has meant a great deal of work behind the scenes for Mrs. Holt, Head of Curriculum Enhancement, and the many staff who have supported the students in their preparatory work.

Filming took place across a two-day period with individuals and groups of students practicing and then performing their parts to camera. The entire Flixton family brought their ‘E-for Excellence’ to the forefront which enabled this tight schedule of recording to come together nicely.

 Evening of Excellence.JPG Evening quartet.jpg

The range of performances was vast, with every subject across the school represented. The evening included a fashion show, where students showcased their own creations from paper, poetry written by the students themselves, beautiful musical, drama and contemporary dance performances. Emotive speeches that were written and performed by the students, extensively researched and fantastically presented TED talks, question time and even some math magic. In addition, students who had successfully returned from a week away in Scotland with the Outward Bound Trust shared their experiences, outstanding artwork from all year groups and finally a daring gymnastics performance.

  Evening Dance.jpg Evening singer.JPG

Mrs Holt said ‘I would like to personally thank all of the staff and students who were involved in the evening. So much time and dedication was given and this was evident throughout the fast paced recording schedule over the two days. The students were so well rehearsed and excited to perform and share their talents and this is down to the individual teachers who worked with each of the groups. The recording itself could not have been made possible without the help of Dave Wilkinson. I would like to thank him for all his time and expertise and the endless hours he spent editing the final product. Throughout the process he ensured the quality of our students' work was always a priority.’

 Evening outfits.jpg Evening Choir.jpg

Mrs Trussell said, ‘Congratulations to everyone involved in the Evening of Excellence filming, we have such a variety of talented performers within our student body. Mrs Holt has done an incredible job ensuring all the performances came together and thanks to subject leaders for supporting your individual groups. The small group who performed live for an informal gathering to celebrate completion of the filming showed me how fantastic the finished recording will be. We hope everyone is able to enjoy the show.’

Please access the Evening of Excellence 2022 performances HERE