Filming Project

Posted at 10:39 am on 10th September, 2020

During lockdown three of our students’ names were put forward by Mrs Trussell, Headteacher, to participate in a filming project called ‘Transitions’. This 20-minute project, funded by the Director of Children’s Services and Trafford Council, features eight inspiring young people from Trafford Secondary Schools.

 Director of Children’s Services, Jill McGregor commissioned Parvez Qadir, Producer/Director and Nick Farrimon, Filmmaker to complete this short film project; as a valuable piece of living history within our community. Over a two-week period, the students captured daily mobile phone footage during lockdown. Reflecting upon how they were coping, what they found difficult, what new skills they learnt, their thoughts, fears etc. This process allowed our students to document these unprecedented times and this transitional phase in their lives; be at school or home.

Parvez and Nick then undertook two days of filming at each school to document the life of a school under new guidelines, including social distancing and new school layouts. At this point they were able to meet the individual girls Lily-Rose Sutherland, Tyana Reid and Jasmine Briggs.

                      Filming Project Quad1.jpg  Transitions Jasmine working in school.jpg

Lily-Rose commented, ‘This experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. It has helped me to grow my confidence and try new things. It is amazing that a part of history will be documented and that we were a part of it. Thank you to everybody involved for be so supportive and kind.’ 

A precursor trailer for the film has been shared via YouTube , and with the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 Academic year, plans are afoot to release the full film before the end of this half term. Watch this space for further updates!

               Transitions Jasmine.jpg  Transitions Lilly.jpg Transitions Tyana.jpg

Mrs Trussell, Headteacher commented, ‘We are so proud of the students, they did an amazing job completing all the filming, during these unprecedented times. We’re looking forward to viewing the entire film in the coming weeks and sharing this with the whole school community.’