Flixton Angels

Posted at 4:23 pm on 14th March, 2018

We have launched our very own ‘Flixton Angels Society’ at FGS following an overwhelming response to our involvement in the “Every Month” campaign during the Harvest Festival collections.

Every Month is a Manchester based charity, aiming to make menstrual products accessible to all people, who are experiencing poverty in the UK, starting with our own community in Manchester and expanding into South London. They currently make-up and distribute 250 period packs a month, relying on financial donations from supporters.

FGS Angels.jpg

During February assemblies took place to highlight the campaign to our girls and following this over thirty students from all year groups met to offer their support and the Flixton Angel Society was born!

The Flixton Angels agreed to support the Every Month Manchester campaign by offering assistance in creating period packs from supplies donated to the campaign. During this first meeting almost 100 packs were created ready to donate to a local food bank – the Wellspring Project in Stockport.

FGS Angels3.jpg

Miss O’Halloran tweeted: ‘Very proud of @FlixtonGS students who turned up for the first #flixtonangels society meeting tonight. Our first project supporting the #everymonthmcr campaign to eliminate period poverty - superb bag packing skills! #girlscan.’

Miss Johnston tweeted: ‘Donating our first period packs to the Wellspring centre! From the Flixton Angels @FlixtonGS #girlshelpinggirls #endperiodpoverty #communityspirit #EveryMonth

All staff involved in this group believes this type of activity empowers students to have a better awareness of wider issues in their community, providing an increased understanding and further engagement.

The Flixton Angels Society is continuing their support of the Every Month campaign by participating in their letter writing campaign to local government. As part of the campaign, the charity encourages it’s supporters to write to local Councillors and local  MP’s asking them to take this cause seriously and commit to providing menstrual products to all homeless shelters in Manchester and South London.

More info can be obtained from http://everymonthcampaign.org/about-us/