Foreign Language Theatre

Posted at 1:16 pm on 26th February, 2019

FGS Year 9 and 10 German and French students were given the opportunity to support their studies by experiencing an all-German and all-French language performances of ‘So eine Nervensäge’ (‘So a Pain’) and ‘La Salle des Énigmes’ (‘The Hall of Riddles’).

The production company Onatti brought both original and amusing plays to FGS enabling students to review all the key vocabulary they are currently learning, in a clever and entertaining way. The concept and setting for these plays are perfect as a tool for enhancing the teaching of both languages. The theatrical performance and relatable scenario, coupled with the carefully pitched vocabulary, makes them a fantastic and hugely accessible experience for students learning German and French.


​Participation by audience members enhanced the enjoyment and adds a fun element to the theatrical performance.

Onatti Productions said ‘Only professional foreign actors are sent to perform in schools. All our plays are modern and written especially for students learning a foreign language. Each story is aimed at a modern audience and pitched at the perfect level to compliment language learning.’

                     Onatti4.jpg   Onatti.jpg

Megan Dearden helped the Onatti actors with the delivery of the German performance  helping to bring to life the scenario of an infuriating little sister, annoying her older sibling whilst she is trying to prepare for her date.​ Daisy Pine, Maysem Alkhfaji, Daisy Hustwitt and Freja Jones all participated in the French performance; helping the professional actors in delivery of entertaining tasks whilst trying to decipher the clues in the escape room. Everyone agreed they were engaged by these funny scenario which helped to bring the languages to life.

Miss Longden, Head of German said ‘They were brilliant performances which really benefited all of the students. It was really beneficial for them to hear and see language skills outside of a classroom setting and I’m really pleased they enjoyed it. We are looking forward to hosting Onatti again in the future.’