French Languages Trip

Posted at 12:45 pm on 17th May, 2017

It was a very early 4am start for forty GCSE French students and staff setting off to northern France over the early May bank holiday. The trip gave our students first-hand experiences of the French culture and language; providing invaluable opportunities to use and build on their knowledge.

The group had the chance to participate in a variety of activities including a chocolate workshop, pancake making, theme and aqua park visits, French cuisine, goat farming and sweet factory experiences as well as shopping and leisure time.

During the trip students completed ‘Go Explore’ diaries and entries included:

‘I had such a lovely time in France, especially at the theme park where I conquered my fear of heights and used my French language skills.’ Laura Kasongo year 9

France chocolate.jpg 

 ‘I really enjoyed the French trip, learning a lot of new French words and taking part in some great activities. The chateau accommodation was amazing.’ Chloe Illman year 9

 France Escargo.jpg

‘I was shocked that I actually spoke French correctly. There hasn’t been a minute of this trip I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.’ Katie Scotson year 9.