Future Education & Careers

Posted at 10:45 am on 9th February, 2022

Providing our students with relevant life skills and experiences which enables them to make choices for their future education and career, is at the heart of our school ethos. At Flixton Girls School (FGS) we are delighted to be able to resume our year group visits this term with our year 9 students accessing The University of Manchester (UoM) Gateway programme, ‘Build your future’ day.

Careers Stem visit.jpg Careers Stem visit1.jpg

During this event our learners received an introduction into university life, which included an overview of ‘Why they must consider further and higher education options’; making the process more realistic and attainable for their future career aspirations. The programme enabled groups of students to work in smaller workshops, on a rotation basis reviewing curriculum content based around 

  • Biology, Medicine and Health
  • Humanities ’hell upon earth’
  • STEM ‘understanding recrystallization’

Student ambassadors from UoM provided an excellent Q&A session which allowed the participants to eliminate some of their career pathway concerns by empowering them to strive to achieve excellence, in their chosen GCSE subjects, which will allow them to fore fill their potential and their future dreams.

Freya Gow year 9 student said, ‘I am considering university and would like to pursue a career in Drama. The visit provided an interest overview of university life and how to get used to talking with groups of people I don’t know. This is something we which has been lacking due to recent COVID restrictions.’

Sixth Form students were also warmly welcomed at the local University Academy 92, (UA92) campus in Old Trafford. They were introduced to the ethos behind the establishment of UA92 and what they can offer which included a tour of the campus.  UA92 student ambassadors ensured our Sixth Formers really gained a full insight into a potential life beyond sixth form and how this could work for them.


The public speaking workshop really brought the visit to an engaging close and sparked some great debate between the group. UA92 student ambassador Oli commented, ‘how polite and engaged our Sixth Form students had been.’

Jayah Montrose-Walklet, A-level student commented, ‘UA92 is a university I’m considering and following this visit I feel it’s the place for me. The ambassadors put us at ease, whilst also pushing us outside our comfort zone with public speaking and reaction, time test activities. UA92 is well worth a visit.’

Mrs Bates Careers and Work Experience Coordinator added ‘This National Apprenticeship week (7-11th February) we are also providing access to some live webinars from Royal Air Force apprenticeships looking at subjects including ‘What is an apprenticeship’, ‘Meet your future in engineering’ and ‘How to apply for an apprenticeship’#NAW2022.

Lucy Thorne, year 11 student said, ‘Having access to these webinars has really cemented my thinking about an apprenticeship. I have been investigating the RAF and it was great to be able to get first-hand information which was relevant and informative.’

For more resources and information relating to further education and careers pathways please review our Careers Information Advice and Guidance website pages which includes apprenticeship information.